Environmental ills lurk in every corner of the built environment.  Let us inspect your home to discover ways to improve your environment to live healthier and longer lives.   

Kitchen Items:

Eating Healthy is only as effective as how you cook it. Minimize adding toxins to your food by using solid wares. Our collection will help you to stock your kitchen Well! 

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You can be the Greenest & Cleanest!  We provide access to cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries as well as vitamins and supplements that contribute to a healthier glow inside and out! 


Takoma Park CHOICE Holistic Home

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Caring Options In a Child's Environment:  Simplify your life by buying only what you need.  But when you do buy, make sure it is high quality environmentally friendly items that will enhance your life, not shorten it!  

Making your home the healthiest environment for your family is paramount to living well.  Let us help you move towards a simply better way of life.  You will literally feel better when you are giving your family the gift of healthy living.