Takoma Park CHOICE Holistic Home


Although I always considered myself a lover of the environment, I learned there was more I could do to improve the wellness of my surroundings for both my family and the earth.  Having a child heightened that vigilance. 

As a housing developer, I have the skills and experience to manage green renovations both to install healthier materials as well as minimize any health hazards to your family during the renovation.  I also offer a home inspection to identify existing issues that may be impacting your health. 

Over the years I have become aware of what hazards lurk in common products we use everyday.  I offer access to wellness products as well as an opportunity to replace everyday household items with effective and safer options. 

When my child was born, I started to be aware of how much plastic came into a child's world between sippy cups and plates and play toys.  It wasn't natural!  Before the awareness came out about the toxicity of these toys I started to bring stainless steel sippy cups and non-toxic wooden toys to my customers.  Now I am adding kitchenware to share with you how I have stocked my kitchen to maximize the nutrition and minimize the toxins that get in food during the cooking process.  Watch my collection grow as I research the best options for my customers to use!